VREP #267 | Part One: The Future of Kelowna Real Estate with Mission Group's CEO Jonathan Friesen


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The Kelowna Real Estate Market is hotter than Matt in his Victorian bathing costume on Gyro Beach, so how can you get involved and where is the city and the market heading? Mission Group's CEO Jonathan Friesen joins Matt & Adam this week to discuss why Kelowna is one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country. Where are the best areas to invest? How will the city transform in the near future? And why are we so excited about Aqua Waterfront Village? Here's a hint: Luxury design, short-term rentals and boat concierge! Yes, boat concierge. Jon Friesen is one of the most thoughtful developers and industry leaders we've ever had on our show. Get ready to learn a lot and come back next week for part two with Kelowna's Long Range Planning Manager, James Moore. Giddy UP!

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