VREP #270 | Urban Markets on Fire: Vancouver & Victoria Real Estate with Chard Development's CEO Byron Chard


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Every major urban centre has its fringe but how should that inform your real estate goals? Who better to explain than a leading development company who un-fringes the fringe! Anyway, enough about fringe. This week, Chard Development's President & CEO, Byron Chard, sits down with Matt & Adam to talk up-and-coming areas in Vancouver and Victoria and - better yet - how to spot them and take advantage! Take almost 30 years of developing, a dash of unparalleled expertise in the Vancouver and Victoria markets, and you are left with a riveting, info-packed Q&A that will have you reaching for your wallet. It might even have you wanting to live on the fringe... but not like Matt did in his Westfalia and puka shells in 2001. Level up!

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