VREP #289 | Vancouver Then and Now with Renowned Planner Dr. Ann McAfee


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If you don’t know Dr. Ann McAfee you should and chances are you have benefitted from her life’s work. Vancouver’s first ever Housing Planner in 1974; the Co-Director of Planning with Larry Beasley, implementing plans now famously known as Vancouverism, in the 1990s; more recently a consultant to international cities in countries as varied as Australia, Sweden, Ukraine, the Philippines, and China; a current member of Canada’s National Housing Council & a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners. And that’s just citing a few of her accomplishments. Ann sits down with Adam & Matt to talk about her storied career spanning a wildly dynamic half century of planning in our city. Is Vancouver a product of its own success? Was Expo 86 really a turning point for the affordability crisis? Is ‘Burnabyism’ the future for our region? And what is Ann’s biggest regret from her time at the helm of Vancouver planning? A talk for the ages. Not to be missed!

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