Fiction Friday: The Winter Hollow 22-25


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Sabrina Storey may have a single buckshot lodged somewhere in her brain. That’s the only way to explain her memory loss and dangerous sleepwalking episodes after surviving a horrific shooting at her college.

She may not know how she ended up in the hospital, but she knows that PTSD doesn’t include her nightmares directly affecting reality. Her recollections are like a jumbled pile of photographs. Her only companion is a broken camera that may hold clues to what happened. Ghostly visions somehow complete the puzzle of her history and the map of her destiny. And now she discovers she's responsible for a new life.

Have her injuries severely damaged her mind? Or are her fugue states actually harbingers of the future? Her dreams are trying to tell her something, but what exactly? One of the school shooting suspects is at large and somehow she's involved. She's running from the memory, but there's someone - or something - coming after her. Hunted by her past. Haunted by her future. For Sabrina, remembering that one thing could be the key to losing everything. And everyone.

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