Episode 49; Driving across the country to Las Vegas with YouTubes PJ Slots


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On today's episode we chat with you-tuber PJ Slots, Who drove over 32 hours from Virginia to Las Vegas (The promise land) so the golf enthusiast with a few golf course pit stops along the way & stopping to meet some friends, We had to ask him all about his journey and his Vegas trip recap. Not to forget to mention he was in town for G2E convention. We had to know what were his like and dislikes? Did he stay on the strip or downtown? you will get a good laughs from pj's Vegas stories he shares and also a really wild golf story, He also also tell us about a personal challenge he has going on the buffaloooooooooos slot machine. Really cool to chat with someone who loves Vegas as much as we do, We did do the interview while he was on the road back home to Virginia.So bare with us if you hear a car or 2 in the background lol sit back, relax & enjoy the episode. CHEERS FOLKS

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