A Primer on Marketing Tech with Anda Gansca


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Erik is joined by Anda Gansca (@agansca), co-founder and CEO of Knotch, an independent content intelligence platform for marketers.
Anda starts out by explaining the shift in the marketing world to content, the story of Knotch, and why the company has been in a great position to take advantage of that trend. She says that display advertising, including banner ads, outdoor advertising and television ads, are “basically ineffective.”
She takes us behind the curtain of marketers and advertisers at major brands to tell us how they think about where to spend their money. Knotch moved from Silicon Valley to New York City to be closer to their customers and Anda explains how she made that decision and why. She talks about why blockchain in advertising doesn’t really make sense and why she thinks escaping the echo chamber in Silicon Valley helped them focus on what really matters.
Anda walks us through a market map of marketing tech and talks about why “ad tech” as a sector has been written off by many VCs. She also explains what their ultimate vision is for Knotch — to give back control of ad data to consumers and talks a bit about what she expects when it comes to GDPR-style regulation in other areas of the world.
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