The Future of Crypto, Capitalism and Governance with Mike Maples and Alok Vasudev


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Mike Maples (@m2jr), founding partner at Floodgate, and Alok Vasudev (@alokvasudev), early-stage crypto investor, join Erik on this episode.
They start out by talking about the biggest companies in tech and the discussion about whether they constitute monopolies. Mike points out the parallels between today’s uproar over big tech and similar eras in the past, including when Microsoft was said to be a monopoly that was “theoretically impossible” to break (until Google came along). They predict that crypto will be the next big wave in tech (and finance) and that it is the most likely thing to disrupt the tech giants of today.
They move on to talking in-depth about crypto, including what kinds of use cases will emerge in the next 5-10 years, why it’s in the government’s interest to see the crypto ecosystem thrive, and why the innovation in capital formation resulting from crypto will be at least as big as the innovation in tech that that will come from crypto.
They also talk about how VCs should think about the crypto space, why good governance is so important in crypto projects, and the changes that crypto will bring to the world in general.
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