Tyler Cowen On His New Book: "Big Business: A Love Letter To An American Anti-Hero"


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Erik is joined by Tyler Cowen (@tylercowen), economist, author, and returning fan-favorite. He talks with Erik about why big business should be celebrated and why capitalism is effective but unpopular.
Tyler explains why he doesn’t quite believe that the main benefit of the firm is to lower transaction costs. He talks about why big business and capitalism have a branding problem, and what benefits they bring to the American people that mean they should be celebrated.
He talks about the tech behemoths and why concerns about their power are overrated, including why people don’t actually care as much about privacy as they say they do. He posits that users want more control over their information, not more privacy.
They discuss the vilification of finance in America, why Tyler says that corporate lobbying isn’t such a big deal in the US, and discuss how Tyler’s views differ from those of some of the most prominent writers on this topic.
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