From Norwest to starting Roble Ventures, Sergio Monsalve on equity and diversity in tech, adapting from large VC to a small, solo-GP, and investing in heated markets


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Today’s episode is with Sergio Monsalve, founding partner of Roble Ventures, a seed firm based in Silicon Valley that invests in solutions that help human progress. Their portfolio includes Kahoot, Mosaic, and Dragonboat, among others. Prior to Roble, Sergio spent 14 years at one of the longest standing VC firms, Norwest Venture Partners, where he early invested in unicorns such as Udemy and Adaptive Insights. He has also held various roles in high-growth technology companies like eBay and Portal Software. He currently teaches at his alma mater, Stanford, on education and entrepreneurship. We chatted with Sergio about equity and diversity in the VC world, adapting to a smaller GP model after so much time at a large firm, and how he thinks about investing in human enablement technologies.
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