#08 – Transitioning From CFO to CEO | Antonio Nieves


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Antonio Nieves (Interior Define, ModCloth, Bonobos) is the CEO of Interior Define, a rapidly expanding digital custom furniture brand. Interior Define is a venture-backed startup based out of Chicago, IL that is changing the way people shop for high-quality furniture online.
In this episode of Ventured Growth with Hercules Capital, Antonio joins Catherine Jhung to discuss how his background as CFO at major digital brands helped him transition into the role of CEO. Nieves reveals the keys to being an influential leader, discusses the importance of empathy, argues that investing in staff is a defining feature of a successful business, and much more.
Topics Include:
Antonio's transition from CFO to CEO. The importance of narrative when leading an organization. Selling people on your company as a CEO. Creating structure and agency within an organization. Delegating as an executive. How to foster talent and invest in staff. And other topics...
Antonio Nieves is the CEO of Interior Define, based in Chicago, Illinois. He is the former CEO of ModCloth. Antonio was the COO and CFO of Bonobos during their sale to Walmart. Throughout his career, Antonio has held senior positions at major companies including Logitech, Gilead Sciences, Blue Coat Systems, and Johnson & Johnson. He graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Accounting.
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