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Robert is the Founder of Kindaba and the CEO at HeySummit Ever since he was young Robert has enjoyed undertaking and building projects. He found creating new businesses and processes far more rewarding than working as a small cog in a large company. His passion for projects began after university. He started a non-profit project where he and 4 friends worked and lived in a converted school bus. They drove around America and made short documentary films about people doing good things in the country. He did this because he wanted a project that would throw him in the deep end of the working world and give him a whole bunch of skills that he could add to his CV. Such as large-scale logistics, planning, how to manage a team, and how to fundraise. After this Robert came back to the UK and started building software programs for a university for a few years. Kindaba started from a personal pain point which was the difficulty of communicating and sharing images with less tech-savvy family members. He started Kindaba in 2017 to solve this problem. Kindaba is a sharing platform for families. If Facebook isn’t private enough and Whatsapp is too noisy you can use Kindaba. There are no ads and no data selling. Its a privacy-conscious way of sharing baby photos etc.

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