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Mario Behrendt is Head of Engineering at

Mario grew the software engineering team from 8 to 50 engineers across multiple countries, introduced a QA function and ensured delivery performance across all teams at He managed to scale internationally from 1 to 9 countries, while moving the Python-based monolith to a micro-service architecture. is a dog food subscription company that creates tailored food for each and every dog they serve. They start by asking people a few simple questions about the owners' dog. Then use that information to create their dog’s unique recipe – so their dog gets exactly the nutrition they need, in the taste they love, delivered to their door every month. Having created an entirely new category in pet food, they’re now scaling fast in the UK and Europe – backed by Purina, one of the worlds largest pet food companies.

During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Mario to discuss his career history to Head of Engineering, growing up in a small town in rural Germany and working with the tech available to him from a very young age. As well as how to approach hiring at scale whilst also hiring for diversity and without bias.

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