Using Game-Changing Tech to Help Fight the Myopia Crisis @ Dopavision | Andreas Balser


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Andreas Balser is the Chief Technology Officer of Dopavision.

He is passionate to merge his experience from product management, software and technology management as well as strategy consulting to make our vision become reality. His healthcare industry experience allows him to ensure Dopavision’s product and processes adhere to the highest regulatory standards. He has previously worked with Meierhofer AG and McKinsey&Company, among others.

Dopavision is pioneering the development of digital therapeutics in ophthalmology. They are developing a game-changing therapeutic for childhood myopia which can be easily administered by using a smartphone app. Their goal is to provide a clinically validated therapeutic to help in the fight against the global myopia crisis.

During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Andreas to discover the incredible new game-changing technology Dopavision are applying to help fight the Myopia crisis in children.

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