182. Skittle Nipples


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Florida couple gets pulled over while biking and things get crazy. Fashion Designer Thought ‘School Shooting Hoodies’ Were A Good Idea. Don't kiss chickens. Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, firefighters forced to dodge 'projectiles.' Keagull made a shirt that you can see for yourself and possibly get one in the future. Here’s the link (https://www.customink.com/designs/verbal/zmd0-00b1-s3vd/twt) Leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Soundcloud. Share us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/verbalassaultpodcast), Twitter (@_verbalassault_) and if you really want to show your love support us via Patreon (www.patreon.com/verbalassault) for $1.00 an episode. We would love to hear from you on Google Voice (865-316-6955.) Subscribe and follow us on Mixer to get notify to watch us live at https://mixer.com/VerbalAssaultPodcast

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