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Henry Reaves III roots reach back to Benton County, MS and White Haven, TN. He is the owner of one of the largest African American law firms in the country, Reaves Law Firm, PLLC. Henry was raised in a middle class military family living in various time zones including California and Japan. Life was good until the crack epidemic infiltrated his world. Unfortunately, Henry's father fell victim and his life changed forever. Take a listen as Henry describes this pivotal moment in his upbringing including his decision to join the Air. Henry later attended and graduated from Indiana University School of Law which brought him back to Memphis. You'll hear about many of the challenges he faced when moving back home and ultimately starting his very own law firm. Henry expresses why his messaging is intentional when it comes to marketing his firm in the personal injury law arena. What you'll learn is that this sector of law yields very high margins and is also extremely competitive. Find out about Henry's Unity Campaign in addition to why he stresses the need for building generational wealth.

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