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Making the case for causes he believes in and collaborating with other people fuels Marvin Stockwell's passion for his hometown of Memphis. He’s at his best when he’s developing creative solutions and shaping public opinion using the full suite of modern tools – media relations, marketing, public speaking, branding, event development, social media and grassroots advocacy. Marvin has worked at all points along the nonprofit spectrum from small to large. He co-founded two grassroots nonprofits – Coliseum Coalition and Friends of the Fairgrounds – and serves as spokesman for the wider movement to reactivate the Mid-South Coliseum and make the city’s Fairgrounds all it can be. Take a listen as Marvin discusses how his passion for civic engagement actually started while on tour with his punk rock band Pezz. His passion for saving the Coliseum led him to starting his podcast "Champions of the Lost Causes" for which he is currently writing a book. You'll also hear Marvin's views on the importance of voting in the upcoming November election.

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