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Known by her stage name, DJ Alpha Whiskey, Ashley Wimbush is an experienced entertainment specialist offering a unique and unmatched disc jockey skill set. Ashley entered the professional entertainment scene in 2017, though her passion for mixing music and making people fall in love with music started at a young age. Self-taught, Ashley possesses an almost-supernatural ability to blend and mix tracks in an evocative way transporting listeners to another world. Ashley not only controls the airwaves; she also controls the skies. A proud graduate of the illustrious Hampton University, Ashley earned her B.S. in Airport/Air Traffic Control Management in 2010. Her career in air traffic control spans over 10 years, as she currently serves as an air traffic controller at Memphis International Airport. In 2020, Ashley co-founded SheDJs , a Memphis-based female DJ collective. In addition to being a DJ and Air Traffic Controller, Ashley provides consultant & event-planning services, runs her company, Alpha Whiskey Enterprises LLC, and still finds time to make the occasional trip to her hometown of Danville, Virginia. Hear Ashley’s talents on her show, “Flight Risk,” airing 6-8 p.m. Central Time, every Thursday, on WYXR, 91.7FM.

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