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November 18, 2018 “Thanks Living”

It's hard to believe it's just a week before Thanksgiving Day!

The days are speeding by quickly and if we're not careful we'll miss the opportunity to fully appreciate their meaning. Thanksgiving, the Advent Season, Christmas Eve and Day, the first day of a new year.... all are times to reflect and give thanks and praise to God for the gifts of life, fellowship, and hope.?_

I hope you will take advantage of our regular and special worship services during the coming weeks to grow your faith and devotion to God's Kingdom. We begin with this Sunday's Thanksgiving worship services in the morning and join together with area churches in our annual Community Thanksgiving Service at Mt. Sidney UMC (I'll be preaching, but don't let that keep you away!).

During Advent our Scripture lessons and sermons will focus on "The Christmas Story According to John." While Matthew and Luke are the traditional tellers of the story of Christ's birth, John's account points squarely to the purpose of Jesus' coming into the world, revealing his true nature as the Living Word, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

God is at work in our congregation and our Aisle 7 Fellowship campus. Please keep lifting up your prayers to God that we will be faithful to the mission he has given us. And as you pass the stuffing around the table next Thursday, remember to say a prayer or two (or more) of thanksgiving for God's leading, saving, and transforming grace in Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob

1 Cor. 4:13-18

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