1.04: The Wrath of Con


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A Long Time Ago on Veronica Mars:

  • Wallace is living his best life: crushing on a girl who just *happens* to need the services of a private detective, pretending to be a math nerd, and AT LONG LAST getting to go to a party.

  • Gamer guys are running a massive scam from their college dorm room, with a complex front of dudes wearing baggy rumpled beige clothes.

  • Veronica dug into her huge wardrobe of disguises! And a lot of those disguises are ‘hot girl’.

  • Flashback limo party, present-day college party: which is cooler? A: any party with Lilly Kane at it would be way cooler than a culturally appropriative hat party.

  • And Veronica swam amongst the memories of homecoming dances past before finally going skinnydipping IRL, in the present.

Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman to investigate Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 4: The Wrath of Con, and delve into such mysteries as why you would let Veronica Mars anywhere near your big drawer of keys, whether Duncan’s denim blazer is formal or informal, how to pronounce ‘wrath’, and where on earth the Marses store their huge range of disguises and gadgets.

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[Your spine runs cold as Keith Mars’s insincere laughter bounds around the room]

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