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Melisa Kennedy I was born and raised in West Virginia. I graduated West Virginia University with a degree in elementary education. I spent most of my childhood creating, imagining, and visiting the woods near my home. I began my fascination with supernatural, aliens, and UFOs as a child. As a student, I remember a science class project where we tested our blood type. I was the only one to have RH- blood, which I found weird. Fast forward to my adult life, when I had an unusual pregnancy in Phoenix that mysteriously had to be ended on March 10, 1997 - three days after the Phoenix Lights UFO incident. This pushed me over the edge of curiosity to research everything from RH- blood to UFOs for the past 22 years. I recently decided there has never been a better time for me to begin writing my book, Blood Of The Kingdom, last November as I felt a tug at my heart to share my ideas in a fictional book trilogy that both entertained and opened the reader to other worldly origins. My intention is to awaken our minds to unorthodox ideas of how Earth was visited by beings not of this planet - in the past, present and future. UFO crash sites I have personally visited and researched include Roswell, New Mexico and Flatwoods, West Virginia, which further peeked my curiosity. I’ve always believed there could be alternative explanations to what we have been taught about our human origins and beliefs. To my surprise, my research as a RH - theorist suggested and challenged the history we've been taught. All these theories and findings I have seen convince me, now more than ever, that we need to know the truth. ?I enjoy wearing my many "hats" - author, RH- theorist, ufologist, paranormalist, and Founder/CEO of a new nonprofit organization, UFO Hunters of America, Inc. UFO Hunters of America will be hosting UFO CON Orlando as our first ever educational fundraiser on November 9th. For more info, go to www.theufocon.com.

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