Episode 94: Brain Health and "Marked"


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I couldn't be happier with my mother's brain scans and testing from Vital Head and Spine in Pasadena. With 40 sessions of neurofeedback, she greatly increased the amount and quality of her sleep and turned around the mild cognitive decline she wasn't even aware of. I'm so grateful that she probably just avoided a path toward dementia.

I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of Dr. Michael Simpson's upcoming book. The book is incredibly well-written and full of great information. Immediately after reading it I took his advice and scheduled six long-overdue doctor appointments.

The first week of teaching writing is nearly over and I'm loving it. Feels great passing on this skill and the students seem to be learning and enjoying themselves.

Includes the short story "Marked" from Untold Mayhem. Narrated by Angelo Di Loreto

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