Ep. 222: How Michaela Alexis Grew Her LinkedIn Followers to Over 156,000


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"How I Landed My Dream Job in 2 Weeks on LinkedIn"

That was the first article Michaela Alexis published on LinkedIn back in 2016.

It went viral.

Today, she's one of North America's most in-demand speakers on LinkedIn and has over 156,000 LinkedIn followers.

She's been growing her personal brand for the past few years, but now she's showing companies how to use LinkedIn to generate new business. Because if you can capture prospect attention and develop trust on LinkedIn, you can transition them into your sales process.

In this fast-and-fun episode, Michaela will reveal:

  • Her unique formula for writing content on LinkedIn
  • The #1 mistake she sees content creators make
  • Why you shouldn't create a long-term editorial calendar
  • The difference between a LinkedIn Page and LinkedIn Profile (and how to use each one effectively to meet your business goals)
  • And plenty of other value-bombs that are helping her and her clients succeed on LinkedIn.

So if you want to discover how to use LinkedIn for Business in 2020, tune in to this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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