Ep. 224: Using Video Email to Book Meetings, Close Proposals, and Enhance Client Relationships


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Your email strategy has to evolve or else you’ll continue being ignored.

Your prospects’ inboxes are crowded, and traditional text-only emails just don’t differentiate you the way they used to.

The good news is, there are tools that exist that allow you to send video in your emails, and the benefits compared to text-only email are night-and-day:

  • Communicate your message more clearly in less time
  • Establish trust, connection, and differentiation faster
  • Boost conversions on a micro AND macro-scale

Wanna hear more about using video email strategically in your business?

I’ve invited Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist of BombBomb, to the podcast. Ethan has sent over 10,000 video emails and now it’s his mission to you get face-to-face with more people more often using video email.

But there’s a cumbersome way to do it and a simple way to do it. We’ll share what that is, plus the core reasons why video email might not work for you.

So grab a pen and paper to take notes and tune in to this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

(p.s. If you want to check out the video interview, you can watch it inside our WireBuzz Insider Facebook Group here. Just request access if you’re not already a member).

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