S2#2 Emin Turan, Foundation General Manager and Country Lead, Sanofi Vietnam & Cambodia


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Mr.Emin Turan is currently the Foundation General Manager and Country Lead of Sanofi Vietnam & Cambodia, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Over 27-year experiences in the pharmaceutical field with diverse roles from legal, medical services to marketing and administration has strongly motivated him on his journey to protect and take care of people’s health.

Before becoming a leader at Sanofi Vietnam and Cambodia, he worked closely in the field of vaccines around the world such as Korea, Russia, the United States, Turkey,...and held senior positions in important medical institutions. Discussing post-pandemic changes and the rules of adaptation and confrontation he applied in Sanofi Indochina will be shared in this episode of Vietnam Innovators. Listen to the podcast with host Hao Tran.
Connect with Sanofi at: https://www.sanofi.com.vn/

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