#35 Soames Hines, Chief Executive of Ogilvy Group in Vietnam


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Soames Hines took over as Chief Executive of the Ogilvy Group in Vietnam in January 2020 and has 40 years’ experience in the marketing and communications industry. He has held client and agency roles in over 10 countries in both Europe and the Asia Pacific region, primarily with WPP companies (Ogilvy & Mather and J. Walter Thompson). In recent years, Soames has focused on mentoring talent, building culture and capability, driving client growth and pioneering thought leadership on ‘Brand Building in a Digital Age’ and ‘R.A.D. Creativity’.
In this new episode of Vietnam Innovators, Soames shares with Hao Tran his goal in turning Ogilvy Vietnam into the “best place to work” in Asia before he retires in 2025. He also shares why he chose to focus his efforts on Vietnam, how the industry has changed in the past 40 years and which way the wind is blowing in Vietnam’s advertising today.
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