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155bpm - 205bpm Hard Madness
Endymion Art Of Fighters Ft. Lilly Julian - A New Today (ANDY SVGE Remix)
The Viper & Endymion - Back To The Oldschool (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Resist - Time Is Up
Project Exile & Magnificent - Rockin Shows
Endymion - The Rhythm (Villains Wear Black Edit)
D-Sturb & Malice - Drop Em Down (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Riot Shift - Pulsar (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Bass Chaserz - Big Dick (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Ed E.T. & D.T.R. - Reverse It (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Overdrive & VtheKid - Trailer Park Girls (Original Mix)
Brains Hit The Floor (Villains Wear Black Edit) -
Rooler - Yes (Villains Wear Black Remix)
Jack Of Sound - A New World (Original Mix)
Ressurectz & Deimos - Hell
Degos & Re-Done & B-Front - Inner Strength (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Dr Rude & Villain - Break The Floor (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Neroz Ft. Mc Renegade - Ultimate Bassdrop (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Keltek - Dance The Way I Am (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Cyber - Dltbgy (Villains Wear Black Edit)
E-Force & Luna - Lost World (Original Mix)
2Faced - Resonate (Original Mix)
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Ghost Stories
Neko - The Devils Reaper (Original Mix)
Malice - Brutalized (Original Mix)
Delete - Kick It
Da Tweekaz - Jagermeister (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Rvage - Bounce (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Unresolved - Speakers (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Angerfist - Criminally Insane (Radical Redemption Remix)
Ganah V & Galaxy Kid - Drop That Bass (Original Mix)
Angerfist - The Promqueens Finest Drug (Villains Wear Black Edit)
Outblast - Fuck What U Heard (Negative A Remix)
Angerfist - Still Pissin Razorbladez
Lady Dammage - Wet Pussy (Original Mix)
Endymion - Pussy Motherfuckerz (D-Fence Extended Remix)
Villains Wear Black - Get Low (Villains Wear Black-Hardcore Bootleg)
Angerfist - Necronomicon
Dr. Peacock & Speedfreak - Retarderd (Original Mix)

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