8 Days a Week - WWE Draft, The Rock - Becky Lynch, AEW Casual Fans


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On today's 8 Days a Week, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane look at the WWE Draft that aired on RAW and Friday Night SmackDown, plus take you through the week in The Brand as AEW Owner Tony Khan comments on how they are getting casual fans are discussed, Stevie Richards and Bin Hamin give their thoughts on The Rock and Becky Lynch opening SmackDown on FOX, Shane Douglas talks Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes getting canceled by WWE after appearing on Dynamite, plus Disco Inferno and Vince argue over the strategy of WWE having a draft on FOX in week 2! Catch the full versions of highlighted episodes exclusively on The RELM Network at https://relmpremium.com/our-shows/ Brought to you by http://RussosBrand.com

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