Who Owns Christmas?

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The song this week is a tribute to one of my favourite pop stars from my schooldays back in the day....Ricky Nelson...it is a track off my doowop album and the lyrics utilise some of the titles of his many hits.....Ricky made great records and we always waited for the great guitar solos played by James Burton who I have had the pleasure of playing Ricky hits with on 8 occasions. .I have just spent a few days in Lancaster and decided to spend a day in Morecambe ...I haven't been there for few years and the last time I went we chatted about how run down it was...and there was a lot of work going on on the waterfront...well I can report that the "new" Morecambe is wonderful...it is a pleasure to stroll along the new promenade which goes for miles with a great view of the Lake District across the bay...I must admit it took me by surprise and the work carried out will definitely pay off. On the showbiz scene we have new "albums" out featuring Bradley Walsh singing well worn "swing" classics...along with Alexander Armstrong who is also on the bandwagon...plus Nick Knowles who has made his "first" album because someone wrongly told him he could sing....I have often wondered why these wannabes think they can sing classic songs as good as the original...if I want to listen to swing I'll listen to Sinatra...Sammy Davis...Nat King Cole...etc...not some bloke who should stick to presenting...now Shane Richie has joined the albumers....BUT at least he does play in a band and has put his own slant on country music so a bit of an effort has gone into it...I would prefer NEW songs instead of old hat....BUT one must realise that when a record company latches on to someone who is never off the TV and ply him with old songs they get the publicity for the album with no payout for royalties so the only one making money is the record company....that's showbiz.....I would suggest these celebs jumping on the bandwagon listen to Sam Smith...THAT is a voice. .The earthquake in Iran in which 400 lives have been lost just about got a mention on the news...obviously there is far more important news like the woman who has come out of the woodwork complaining about Kevin Spacey sexually assaulting her 18 year old son 10 years ago and left him traumatised ...this made me think of my own son...he is now 39 but when he was 18 he played rugby for Cheshire and got a North of England trial....if the likes of Mr.Spacey had tried it on with him back then I'm afraid Kev would still be in traction...if you are 18 and you can't put a whimp like Spacey in his place there is not a lot down for you.......................and more headline news is Priti Patel the MP who has upset the PM and been recalled from her visit for Africa....this involved full news coverage of her getting off the plane and her car being followed along the motorway by a helicopter O.J.Simpson style...WHY??...nice to know where my licence fee goes. ....and finally....Tesco have caused a major upset....they have put a TV advert out featuring white folk AND Muslims celebrating Christmas....this has caused an outcry from the boneheads who OBJECT to MUSLIMS joining in with OUR celebrations....how dare they!!!....I'm afraid Christmas ceased to be a religious occasion back in the dark ages....it's now an excuse for companies to make money and for everyone to have a boozy family gathering....and in my opinion is there for everyone whatever their beliefs.....personally I don't know many people who actually go to church on the day.....we really should lighten up....personally I can't stand the whole thing and glad when it's over.....Bah Humbug

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