Thanking You Season


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Thanksgiving and the accompanying public displays of gratitude has come and gone, but I think this week and next are really the thanking season. Now is the time that we receive year-end donations, and hopefully get to sign and send out a small mountain of thank you notes to donors. There are 5 elements to a really great thank you note:
  1. The amount and date of the donation
  2. It is genuine
  3. It reads like it is from one human to another
  4. It includes how their gift is already being put to work
  5. Reminds them of upcoming dates where you might get to connect
But there is one thing that supersedes all of these, and that's what I'll tell you about. Links: Link to episode 66 about the thank you note I wrote that became part of a museum exhibit: Learn more about executive coaching here: Support the podcast with a Patreon gift here: Subscribe Here: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: ...or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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