Epic, Mixer, Ooblets, And Ninjas: A Lawyer's View On Exclusivity And Messaging (VL80)


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You have to break a few EGS to make an Ooblet...in Virtual Legality. What can independent game "Ooblets" and its statement regarding Epic Games Store (EGS) exclusivity tell us about both the store and the game? Why do companies try to market themselves with "personality", and what are the risks/rewards to that approach? What are minimum guarantees, and how might Epic be using them to attract both large and small exclusives to the store? And speaking of exclusives, how did one of Gaming's biggest personalities, Ninja, announce his own exclusivity deal with Microsoft's Mixer, and what can that tell us about when to use public relations professionals (and when not to)? CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AT: https://youtu.be/kUmNwQrEKN8 #Ooblets #Ninja #EGS *** Discussed in this episode: "Ooblets developer Glumberland reveals details of Epic Games Store exclusivity deal" GameDailyBiz - August 1, 2019 - Mike Futter (https://gamedaily.biz/article/1090/ooblets-developer-glumberland-reveals-details-of-epic-games-store-exclusivity-deal) "Okay, so we did the thing!" Tweet - August 1, 2019 - @ooblets (https://twitter.com/ooblets/status/1156958973016174592) "We did the thing" Ooblets Blog Post - July 31, 2019 (https://ooblets.com/2019/07/we-did-the-thing/) "In the last few weeks I've actually talked to two different indie devs..." Tweet - August 2, 2019 - Jason Schreier (https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1157298020691644416) "Top 'Fortnite' streamer Ninja is ditching Twitch for Mixer" Engadget - August 1, 2019 - Kris Holt (https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/01/ninja-twitch-mixer-fortnite/) "Ninja Comes to Microsoft’s Mixer" Press Release - August 1, 2019 - Metro Public Relations (https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/08/01/1895868/0/en/Ninja-Comes-to-Microsoft-s-Mixer.html) *** FOR MORE CHECK US OUT: On Twitter @hoeglaw At our website: https://hoeglaw.com/ On our Blog, "Rules of the Game", at https://hoeglaw.wordpress.com/ On "Help Us Out Hoeg!" a regular segment on the Easy Allies Podcast (formerly GameTrailers) (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZrxXp1reP8E353rZsB3jaA)

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