For Your Consideration: The Case Of And The Missing $300,000 Contract (VL87)


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When grey market video game key reseller,, came under fire for questionable business practices, it made an offer to developers that seemed almost too good to be true. It would pay 10 times the amount of any credit card charge backs a developer faced due to the operation of the G2A Marketplace. But when one such developer asked for hundreds of thousands of dollars, a When is a promise not a promise? What is missing from a traditional contract? And if G2A is so bad, why aren't more developers taking them up on their offer? Our word is our Virtual Legality. #G2A #Subnautica #VirtualLegality *** Discussed in this episode: G2A Marketplace About Page ( "G2A could block some game keys from its platform, but developers have to do the work" Polygon - July 12, 2019 - Charlie Hall ( "[Updated] G2A vows to pay devs 10x the money proven to be lost on chargebacks" G2A Website ( "Subnautica dev demands G2A pay $300,000 to cover lost chargebacks" GamesIndustryBiz - August 13, 2019 - James Batchelor ( "Developer demands $300K from G2A for something that happened before G2A even existed' G2A Website ( "Elements Of A Contract" Us Legal ( "Consideration" US Legal ( "Developer Fumes About Keyseller G2A, But Admits He Was Wrong About $300,000 Complaint" Kotaku - August 14, 2019 - Cecilia D'Anastasio ( *** FOR MORE CHECK US OUT: On Twitter @hoeglaw At our website: On our Blog, "Rules of the Game", at On "Help Us Out Hoeg!" a regular segment on the Easy Allies Podcast (formerly GameTrailers) (

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