The Perils of Intellectual Property Consent (feat. Solid Snake w/ Tekken) (VL82)


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When EVO 2019 broke for its Tekken 7 grand finale, a surprise was sprung on the fighting tournament's guests: A custom codec message from Metal Gear Solid series star Solid Snake himself, declaring his love for Tekken. What followed was a series of completely understandable reactions, disappointments, and anger. What exactly happened? Why was the interstitial shown? Where did it come from? And why do you always need to understand what you've licensed (and, more importantly, what you haven't)? Don't say we kept you waitin'. It's time for...Virtual Legality. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AT: #SolidSnake #Tekken7 #VirtualLegality *** Discussed in this episode: "An Evo 2019 Joke Had Fans Thinking Snake Would Be In Tekken 7" Kotaku - August 5, 2019 - Heather Alexandra ( "Check out my new subscriber notification..." Tweet - March 19, 2019 - Mark Julio ( MarkMan23 Twitter Profile ( MarkMan23 Website - About ( "EVO, You also failed to consult me" Tweet - August 5, 2019 - David Hayter ( Cameo Website ( Cameo - David Hayter Profile ( Cameo - Terms and Conditions ( *** FOR MORE CHECK US OUT: On Twitter @hoeglaw At our website: On our Blog, "Rules of the Game", at On "Help Us Out Hoeg!" a regular segment on the Easy Allies Podcast (formerly GameTrailers) (

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