16 - Virtual Stack - VMware Certifications


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On the 16th episode of the Virtual Stack podcast, I’m joined by Karl Childs, Sr. Manager in the VMware Certification Development team. We start our conversation talking about the latest VMware announcement on re-certification, then we talk about the present and future of VMware certifications. You can reach out to Karl via Twitter (@karlchilds). Hope you enjoy the show. Feel free to share your feedback via Twitter (@emregirici), LinkedIn or virtualstack.tech Show Notes: 00:10 - Intro 10:00 - What important announcement has been recently made by VMware, what was the reason behind it. 17:30 - How’s VMware Certification program staying up to date with new technologies and product releases? 23:30 - Are there any new VMware certification tracks we can expect? 29:30 - What do you think about the changes in the certification education landscape? 37:10 - Do you see any changes to the certification experience in the future? If yes, what will change? 40:15 - Closing notes Links:

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