The 2022 Show (Part 3of 6)


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FINALLY!!! Wes, Eric & Ruuts give 2022 the send off that it truly deserves. We'll have awards, giveaways, special guests and more as we try not to violate the terms of service! If you like the video, subscribe & ring the bell. Pick up some fresh Virtual Strangers merch: If you speak Polish and love gaming, check out MKwadrat Podcast: Stay up to date with the latest VR modding news and talk with Dr. Greg & VRAN: Paypal: Join our Discord: Follow Us on: Twitter: Q2C on Facebook: on YouTube: Check out Wes on PSVR Gamescast Live every Wednesday: Check out Wes, Ruuts & Eric on The VR CruCast every Monday: Virtual Strangers P.O. Box 114 Waco, KY 40385

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