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XR is changing how we learn. Lorenzo Vallone, from the Award winning studio Xennial Digital, sat down with us at VRX 2019 to share their thirteen STEM education experiences, A Magic leap climate change visualization, and their social impact work in Guatemala and Columbia. Xennial Digital won the award for the 2018 most innovative company by the La Prensa newspaper.

The most unique part of Xennial Digital is how they are partnering with schools to make high school students product designers on their educational platform. This results in a product that is made for students by students with expert oversight and guidance. Their success is shown when students spend forty minutes modifying variables to observe and understand outcomes.

00'35": Xennial Digital general overview

01'20": Working with private schools for a virtual reality pilot to get kids excited about science

03'20": Getting students involved in the development process as product designers

05'30": Formalizing the program with an interdisciplinary group of kids

08'40": Discovering what about STEM children love or find interesting and capturing that curiosity in the product.

12'40": Climate change visualization for Magic Leap

15'00": Working with non-profits in Guatemala to provide students with XR technology

17'28": How experiences in the virtual world were able to transcend into the real world and provide people with the aptitude to change the world around them.

22'30": Columbia Human rights festival project around landmines in rural areas that are still killing over one thousand people each year.

25'50": How to dissect a pig.

27'25": The business value of XR technology 29'45": Perception of the self and others in virtual reality

30'58": Rebuilding the Globe Theater and performing William Shakespeare Virtual Reality live with trained actors

34'25": Training people on these new technologies is critical to adoption.

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