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Valentin Heun is a VP of Innovation Engineering at PTC where he is leading the PTC Reality Lab. His research focuses on new computer interaction methods for the physical space. His work was named by Fast Company as Boldest Ideas in User Interface Design, and has received global recognition.

Powerful ideas are hidden in simple implementations

00’40”: Valentin Heun background and his experience in the MIT Media Lab

02’40”: Graphic design as a human perception problem

05’05”: The potential of Augmented Reality through spatial learning

06’30”: What are the origins of the ptc reality lab?

08’15”: What were the first few projects the ptc reality lab worked on?

11’00”: AR is not a second world on top of the existing one.

12’20”: Technology changes the physical world around us.

14’45”: Using AR to guide a robot spatially instead of through a screen

16’25”: PTC’s Expert capture product

17’25”: The reality zone

18’40”: Combining AR with IOT to create value

19’50”: Understanding and interpreting data with AR

21’20”: Societal concepts and technological infrastructure are holding AR back from entering the world

28’15”: The concept of contextual computing in order to serve the relevant AR experience

30’20”: Contacting the ptc reality lab for potential collaborations


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