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Teresa Heath-Wareing didn’t just jump into the marketing world overnight, she’s been in this field for 16 years. A midlife crisis shot Teresa into the reality of transitioning all her experience and knowledge of the marketing field into her own business. What seemed daunting at the time - She was newly divorced, living on her own with her daughter, no savings, no rich parents, a mortgage, a car, etc. - Became the ultimate motivator to become successful.

“I think I started to realize the power in me, as in people were buying into me...I was going to pitches and I was winning them based on my experience, my presentation and my personality. So I think there was like a tiny realization at that point when I handed in my notice. I thought, what if for one second, I could do this for me. So instead of earning a salary, what if I brought in the money?” - Teresa Heath Wareing

To confidently become an online marketer, Teresa says that you have to show up and produce problem solving solutions. If you want to produce content that works, you have to be real, educated and passionate about what you put out there. In today’s world there are millions of online educators and entrepreneurs, not to mention a little thing called Google, that can help your business grow. You might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or in Teresa’s world, cup of gin) but if you are authentically yourself, you will show up in all the right places.

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Teresa is an Award winning International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster and business owner, Teresa, works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts.

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