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Weekly Updates

August 30, 2020

Hello VAPA Community! This is Dr. Edward Trimis, principal of Legacy Visual and Performing Arts High School with a few announcements. There is no school this Friday or on September 7 as we celebrate Labor Day.

Hola comunidad VAPA! Este es el Dr. Edward Trimis, director de Legacy Visual y Performing Arts High School con algunos anuncios. No hay clases este viernes o el siete de septiembre ya que celebramos el Día del Trabajo.

Monday is an B-Day with Period 4 starting at 10:05 am, followed by Periods 5, 6, and 7. Our theme for this year is VAPA Strong: Into the Light as we CREATE, INSPIRE, UNIFY, and EDUCATE.

Please note that students who are interested in playing a sport, should get a physical and complete online sports packets. You may also contact coaches for updates. Their contact info may be found at www.legacytigers.com At this time, sports are scheduled to resume with practices on December 14, should we be allowed to return to school by then.

This week we continue our all online schedule. Please note that in Zoom classes, students must use their official first and last name and must show their video if directed by their teacher, or communicate with the teacher if their a technical problems or another issue. Students who do not use their correct name will not be allowed into classes and students who do not show their video or are non-responsive the teachers, will be removed from the online classroom. Please note that all of our school and district rules and code of conduct apply in remote virtual learning and there will continue to be disciplinary follow-up for students that violate rules or the code of co0nduct.

While most of our students were able to log into their classes last week, please call the Support Helpline at (213) 443-1300 or call us a VAPA at 323-357-7531 for assistance if you had issues. You may also send a message to me at etrimis@lausd.net , call al leave a message or text at 323-596-7531, or leave a message at our parent request system at www.bit.ly/parentrequestenglish or www.bit.ly/parentrequestspanish . Please go to www.vapalegacy.net and www.bit.ly/vapaonline for information and updates.

Lastly, we continue to need about 10 more students to meet our recruitment goal for this year. We can still enroll new students if their current school releases them, but that window will close soon. Our deadline is September 14.

Please go to www.vapalegacy.net and bit.ly/vapaonline for information and updates.

Have a great week and I'll see you at school, online!

Take Care,

Dr. Edward Trimis, Principal

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