Opening of School Year and Welcome


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Opening of School Year and Welcome

August 13/16, 2020

Good evening. This is Dr. Trimis, Principal of Legacy Visual and Performing Arts High School, with an important message for our students and families.

The first day of school will be August 18. The first two days of school, August 18 and 19, will focus on preparing for online learning.

Students will spend Tuesday and Wednesday morning watching orientation videos about tools and strategies for online learning success, online safety, and digital citizenship. Students need to log on to with their username and password and click on their grade level (or homeroom advisory) to access their lessons.

On Tuesday, August 18, at 1 pm, I will hold a virtual meeting to welcome you to our school and answer any questions you may have. The link to this Orientation is For those who are unable to attend, a video recording of the meeting will be posted on our school’s website.

On Wednesday, August 19, (advisory) teachers will hold an online meet-and-greet session with their students at 1 pm.

On Thursday, August 20, full day of online instruction will start at 9 a.m. We encourage your child to be logged in on time and ready for this exciting start to the school year.

Class schedules and additional information can be found on our school’s website at

Should you have additional questions, please contact our school office at 323- 357-7531.

I look forward to a great school year and appreciate your support and continued partnership.

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