Tech Edition: Neck Brace Technology with Chris Leatt


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It has been 13 years since the launch of the Leatt Neck Brace, the first motocross neck brace on the market. Over the years there seems to have been peaks and valleys in acceptance and usage. We recently got to talking with some of our testers and riding buddies about neck braces in general and it seemed like a lot of them were in the same boat... That is, they tried an early version years ago and weren't immediately comfortable, so they never tried it again. Or, they heard a pro rider or prominent trainer say they don't believe in them, so they don't either.
Personally I'm in the first group... someone that tried one the early braces, found it somewhat bulky, heavy, intrusive and never gave it another try, even though today they are much lighter, sleeker, and more comfortable and customizable. We sat down with Chris Leatt, the founder and inventor of the Leatt Brace to rehash the neck brace conversation. Listen as he explains the scientific and medical data behind a neck brace and motocross protection in general.

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