119: Be the Best Organization For the World with Jeff Henderson


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Jeff Henderson is an entrepreneur, speaker, pastor, author, and business leader. Since 2003, he has helped lead three of the North Point Ministries churches in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Prior to serving as a pastor, Jeff worked in marketing with Atlanta Braves, Callaway Gardens, Chick-fil-A where he helped lead the company’s sports and beverage marketing efforts.

Jeff was also named by Forbes Magazine as one of the 20 Speakers You Shouldn't Miss The Opportunity To See.

In this episode, Jeff discusses how purpose and profits go hand-in-hand, why it’s okay if your current vision outpaces your current resources, the main area where non-profits shouldn’t be penny-pinchers, the importance of having clarity around what your organization wants to be known for and how his book can help with that clarity, the four “presenter voices” and how they can help us carry our vision forward, why you need to understand the presenter environment you’re in as well, the value of talking with your customers instead of at them, how being humbled helps with your voice of influence, and more!

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