Checking Up on Vendors


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Many years ago I was in the Denver airport, waiting to board a plane. At the time I was consulting with a small startup company and they called me in a panic, having had an issue with their database deployment and needing to restore the previous version. However, they were getting the "The media set has 2 media families but only 1 are provided. All members must be provided." error. Fortunately, I knew what was wrong and verbally walked them through the process. When I landed, I logged in and verified things were working and that they'd followed my instructions.

A few years later I was shopping for furniture with my wife one Saturday night and I got a call from a fellow Operations person at JD Edwards. They had some security issue with a SQL Server, and since I was the SME (subject matter expert), they called me for help. Sitting in a comfy lounge chair (which I never purchased), I helped them solve the issue. Later, I verified things were working.

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