A Computer on Wheels


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I enjoy cars, and I've owned a lot in my life. In fact, I resurrected my list and I count 30 for my wife and I, with 1 motorcycle, 2 ATVs, 2 UTVs, and a tractor. Likely a new tractor or skid steer coming in the next few years as this one is 14 years old. I was hoping for a different car this year, but with two kids needing help, I'm going to have to delay my gratification for another year or so. For years, Glenn Berry has been trying to get me to look at a Tesla. He's owned a few and has driven me around. I've never been thrilled with them from a design perspective, though they are quick. Recently I ran across this video (5 Features that didn't exist when I purchased my Tesla model 3), and for some reason I watched it. It caught my eye (especially dog mode) in that Tesla is doing DevOps with their cars, introducing new features in a way that evolves the car into something new.

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