012: The Courage to Live Deliberately


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Today we discuss being purposeful and creating the life that you desire.

Special guest Lori Brenckman talks about becoming an Avatar – a person that understands how to use their mind, personal power, and passion to generate a life that is uncommon to most. She shares insight on how to tap into our courage, wake up to greatness, and take control of our lives by living deliberately.

Guests Denise Korenek and her coach and three-time Olympian, John Howard, also join us today to share the journey of helping Denise become the fastest woman alive by setting a national record and what it takes to break the land speed record for cycling.

We Discuss:

  • What living deliberately actually means
  • Finding your unique passion, power, and purpose in life
  • How objects, people, and our environment can influence the way we live
  • What is an Avatar and what is the Avatar course?
  • What makes Avatar different from any other personal development program
  • The biggest questions that people have when they dive into personal development
  • Tapping into courage and waking up to greatness
  • How people get in touch with their limiting beliefs through the Avatar process
  • Instilling beliefs that will create wealth, great relationships, and overall happiness in your life
  • How to wrap your mind around giant goals and achieve them
  • What sets people that accomplish their dreams apart from everyone else

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