016: The Courage to Meet Life’s Challenges


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Today we discuss facing challenges head-on and learning how to overcome them, whether they are in business, relationships, health, or our overall introspection.

I have two great guests today that share their journeys along with the time, effort, and energy that led them to bring their ideas, dreams, and visions to fruition and share them with the world.

Don Meredith, who among many things is an author, artist, actor, and financial advisor, has been faced with many challenges in his life. He shares powerful insight on the importance of planning on our own self-sabotaging that can take place during our path to success, and discusses strategies for living an outstanding life.

Rick Carlton, Founder of SevaChild International, started his remarkably successful non-profit organization about eight years ago with virtually no money, no prior experience, and very few resources. He shares how the organization is now making an impact on the lives of many young children in India by protecting them from disease and supplying them with essential nutrition.

We Discuss:
  • Tapping into solutions to problems rather than accepting them as limitations
  • Why some people can cope with the ups and downs of life easier than others
  • Asking new, powerful questions to transform every area of our lives
  • Addressing both our empowering and disempowering thoughts, desires, and choices
  • Encouraging ultimate success through deep introspection, planning, and setting an intention
  • The importance of consistently taking care of our mind, body, and overall health
  • How we can start planning for our own self-sabotage and success
  • Collaboration and the power of having a team of encouraging people
  • Actionable secrets and strategies for living an outstanding life
  • Retracing our footsteps back to the dreams and ideas that fell by the wayside
  • Finding the courage to meet life's challenges with the ability to conquer them
  • How the SevaChild organization came to fruition and the powerful impact it's making
  • Embracing our failures and learning how to appreciate the lessons that they bring

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