045: The Courage to Have Connected Conversations


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Today we discuss the courage and strategies needed to have connected conversations and effective communication.

We tend to often build stories around what we've felt or experienced in our lives, but they don't always serve or support us in a positive way. What if we were to change these stories into ones that are more empowering?

When we shift our focus and change our inner dialogue, we are able to connect and communicate in new ways and open up so many new possibilities in our lives.

My first guest, Arthur Schwartz, is Founder of Accelerant Coaching & Training and has coached and trained hundreds of professionals in corporate environments as well as entrepreneurs, seasoned leaders, and ascending millennials in the U.S. and globally.

He joins me today to share what stops people from effectively communicating with others and how we can all communicate with charisma and have more connected conversations.

My second guest, Claudette Rowley, is the CEO of Cultural Brilliance, and over the past twenty years, she has consulted start-ups, small businesses, academic institutions, and Fortune 1000 companies, helping them create proactive and innovative workplace cultures.

She joins me today to provide insight into what creates cultural brilliance, the common warning signs of a culture that is in trouble, and the best way to integrate cultural change into an organization.

We Discuss:

  • Getting very clear with what we want in life and the mental habits that promote success
  • The four primary challenges that often hold us back from achieving our goals
  • The biggest blocks that stop people from effectively communicating with others
  • Replacing the disempowering stories that we tell ourselves with empowering ones
  • Turning a presentation into a series of connected conversations with multiple people
  • The neuroscience of public speaking and how to use the FIRE-UP training system
  • What brilliant cultures are and how they create proactive and innovative workplaces
  • The biggest cultural trends and challenges that are being seen in companies today
  • What warning signs to look out for to determine if your organizations' culture is in trouble
  • The best way to integrate cultural change and address the necessary "blind spots"
  • Why leaders typically have a hard time assessing and addressing their own cultures

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