057: The Courage to Attain Your Highest Achievements


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Today we discuss mindfulness, mysticism, and how to live a happy, more purposeful life.

What's your purpose for your life? Are you here to simply go through the challenges of growing up, going to school, getting married, having children, earning money, and then, after many years of trying to find happiness through altering states of pain and pleasure, be buried and gone?

Sounds dismal, doesn't it? Well, this show is all about helping you to attain your highest level of passion, purpose, and achievement in this lifetime. Is there something more for you out there? I'm hoping you're saying yes!

My first guest, Julie Potiker, is a mindfulness expert, author, and attorney who shares mindfulness techniques with the world through her Mindful Methods for Life trainings. She joins me today to discuss mindful methods for staying calm in the midst of chaos and how mindfulness rewires our brains for happiness.

My second guest, Rabbi Daniel Bortz, is an author, speaker, and millennial rabbi who embarked on a 6-year journey into Jewish thought, studying Biblical, Talmudic and Jewish mystical teachings in schools around the world. He joins us today to talk about Jewish mysticism, connecting to our divine source, and how to live a purposeful life.

We Discuss:

  • Attaining the highest level of passion, purpose, and achievement in our lifetimes
  • Tuning into something greater than ourselves and stepping into our own power
  • Using meditation to slow down and have awareness in order to alleviate suffering
  • What life looks like when we live it mindlessly versus from a place of mindfulness
  • How mindfulness affects our brains and is able to rewire them for happiness
  • Having compassion for ourselves, the world, and letting our hearts radiate outward
  • Some mindful methods for staying calm in the midst of chaos in our world today
  • How we can apply the mystical teachings in the Kabbalah and the Torah in our lives
  • Recognizing the beauty, divinity, lessons, and purpose in the world around us
  • Learning to trust that there's good reasoning for the things that happen in our lives
  • Looking beyond the superficial to connect with ourselves and why we're here
  • How we can start to live more purposeful lives and make a difference in the world
  • Taking the essence of what Judaism teaches and bringing it into our everyday lives

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