How are our Small Businesses Doing?


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"So we see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm trying not to use the word pivot anymore. I feel like I've pivoted so many times that I'm just pivoting in a big circle right now" - Tracey Sylvester

Welcome to our one-hour special panel discussion on small businesses. In today’s special episode we wanted to provide a broader understanding of the status of our small businesses by bringing together voices from small business owners, members of merchant associations which represent multiple small businesses across the City of San Francisco along with the San Francisco Treasurer & Tax Collector's Office and an economist to provide us insights on how the pandemic has impacted our small business community from the individual to the regional. Our voices in this episode are: Maryo Mogannam, President, San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations,,Small Business owner, Tracey Sylvester, EHS Pilates, Adam Fowler, Director of Research Beacon Economics, Amanda Fried,Chief of Policy & Communications, SF Treasurer & Tax Collector's Office.

For more insights into our Small Business Community please listen back to all of the wonderful voices of small businesses that we've produced over these past 13+ months. You can take a small business owner for a walk or drive through diving into all of our wonderful past interviews with: Jeff and Shannon of Blue Plate SF, manufacturing granola with Michelle of Nana Joe's, how our restaurants are struggling with Laurie Thomas from the Golden Gate Restaurant Association also the incubation of food entrepreneurs with Andrea and Pooja and Rome from the Bayview Bistro along with the Brad, Haley and Jay of Fire Fly restaurant as well as Martha and Mark talking about training formerly un-housed folks to become bakers at the Hayes Valley Bakeworks and what its like to make wine and operate a community store in the Bayview with Barbara of Gratta Winery along with Kristin about operating community centric multiple restaurants and Lisa sharing about operating a unique gift shop and the importance of employees

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