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So you know how most parents stress over how they will financially provide for their growing families? Jay Helms has created a community and system to show those parents how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing so they will never worry about being acquired, fired, or laid off, ever again. Through weekly episodes, the W2 Capitalist Podcast is a resource to help you, the 30-40-year-old married man or woman, to invest in real estate while working through a successful career so that you and your spouse can build multiple streams of income and eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes with providing for your family. Surviving two acquisitions and one corporate bankruptcy, our founder, Jay Helms, climbed the corporate ladder for 19 years and during the 6 years leading up to his COVID19-layoff in 2020, he and his wife accumulated over 320 units in their rental portfolio while bringing 3 beautiful children into the world. Each week Jay will interview successful W2 Capitalists and dig deep into what it takes for them to EARN. INVEST. REPEAT. their way to building legacy wealth.

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