#129 Shazar Robinson – The heart of volunteering


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Follow the human journey into the world of volunteering with Shazar Robinson, consultant at the Sankalpa Rural Development Society and former ambassador of the Shikshangram Shelter for Children in India.

Shazar candidly shares her journey with volunteering and talks about the light and dark side of giving time. She speaks about the conditionality of volunteering and how it was moving to a place, within herself, of giving without any expectation of receiving was the gateway to receiving so many unexpected gifts.

Shazar also talks about how her work at a children’s project in India caused her to question why there was so many abandoned children that lead to her next project that focuses on cleverly harnessing year round water supply in rural areas – this truly is a fascinating story in inquisitive thinking and underlines the true importance and almost sacred nature of water.

Charitable giving, whether time or money, can be an awkward process for many as it can bring up all sorts of fear and worries relating lack and scarcity against a backdrop of the desire to be perceived as generous. However, this conversation, in which Shazar speaks very openly and with great vulnerability about her own journey with giving, provides a safe space for you to consider your relationship with giving.

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